Saturday May 19th, 2018
4:30 pm Mass
5:30-9:30 Serving beer, brats, hot dogs and more!

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At 10pm Live Music and Light Performance in the Church: Paris1919 with a piece called “Prayer for now”.  It will feature a full choir and the performance is a secular meditation on modern times and a call upon ourselves to make the world a better place.

On Saturday, May 19, Chris Strouth’s Paris 1919 bring a new realm of experience to Art-A-Whirl and to Saint Boniface church, where the composer will premiere “…For Now.” Strouth’s piece kicks off a promising series curated by the composer and Drones not Drones creator Luke Heiken called “Avant Music in Churches,” dedicated to presenting challenging new music in beautiful (and acoustically beautiful) spaces and  dubNemo Productions.

Utilizing bleeding edge projection technologies and digital manipulation techniques, “…For Now” finds Paris 1919 regulars Strouth, multi-instrumentalist Michael Croswell, cellist Randall Davidson, (instrument appositive) Drew Miller, (instrument appositive) Tim Ritter, and master guitarist Mykl Westbrooks joined by Savage Aural Hotbed multi-instrumentalist Mark Black, and Saint Paul native and gutairist Mark Sorvari , as well as a few surprise guests and a choir led by master vocalist Natalie Nowytski.

Visuals come via longtime Strouth collaborator Tony Biele, whose work has been seen around the world from raves in Goa to convention centers across the US. He is joined in a unique collaboration with the highly celebrated painter Nicholas Harper. As to what “For Now” is about, Strouth describes it thusly: “We live in a weird time, a time when for a lot of people, nothing feels quite right: violence, politics, and trust issues with any number of authorities––it’s a time of angsty chaos. This is just my small way of calling to the universe for mercy, peace, or at least bit more understating and compassion. A not-so-silent prayer to try and find peace and beauty in turbulent times, because in the end, it’s times like these that truly define who we are, and what we will become.”

This is a one-of-a-kind performance that demands not to be missed. As the outdoor festivities of Art-A-Whirl wind down comes this remarkable experience to close out your night. While this may be in a church, it’s not religious––just beautiful music in a beautiful space. Oh, and it’s free!