All are invited

St Boniface Pastoral & Finance Combined Council Meeting

Sunday, February 12 at 11am

The St Boniface Finance and Pastoral Councils will hold a Combined Meeting on Sunday, February 12 at 11am in the Church Hall. The primary purpose is to update the Council Members on the workings of certain Parish Committees, specifically the Building Committee report on repair and maintenance that is proposed to be undertaken and the Capital Campaign, Member Engagement and Marketing Committee report on a proposed Capital Campaign to support work needed on the building. We will only have the hour between the 10am Mass and the Noon Mass so the meeting will be focused on those two topics only. All parishioners are invited to attend. Please keep in mind that discussion will be limited to Members of the Councils to keep the meeting under the one hour allotted time.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please complete a comment card and drop them in the baskets available at the entrances or in the collection baskets

How can you participate? You are encouraged to discern what time and talent you can offer up for this work. We are actively seeking members to join the following committees to support our parish. All members and friends of St. Boniface are welcome on any committee. Please consider what expertise or experience you have and can contribute in each of these opportunities. You may sign up electronically with the links provided or on sign-up sheets that will be available at the meeting on February 12.

  1. Building Committee to establish plans for maintenance and major projects, research and recommend vendors and establish a sign off review process to approve completed projects prior to final payments.  The committee will report to the joint Pastoral and Finance Councils for decisions on all projects prior to commitment to any vendors. Electronic Signup:
  2. Capitol Campaign, Member Engagement and Marketing Committee.  This may be split off to individual Committees for each of the three missions.  Initially it will be a blanket committee until we can build additional participation.  The Committee will report to the Joint Councils. Electronic Signup:
  3. Financial Planning Committee is responsible for developing the annual budget for St. Boniface including major projects and long term reserve budget for future projects.  This committee will work with the Building Committee to establish expected life cycles of building components so that reserves for these projects can be planned.  The Committee will report to the Joint Councils.  Electronic Signup:
  4. St Boniface Liturgical Committee will work with Father Biju to establish standards and scheduling for regular liturgies and plan special liturgies for Lent, the Tridium, Advent, Christmas, and other Holy Days throughout the year.  Committee will report to the Pastoral Council.  Electronic Signup:

St Boniface, we pray that you guide us in these efforts and inspire participation from many members of the Parish and the community.  May you intercede for us to our Holy Father to bless and sustain our efforts to work together building the future of our Parish for the Glory of God.

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